Follow Your Heart

How often do you follow your heart?

I never did until a few years ago when I woke up early one morning, looked at my alarm clock, and decided there and then that I wanted to change my life.

Since a young age, I have always been so fearful of trying new things as certain elements of my South Asian culture have been mixed in with religion, stereotypes, sexism and other things that are apparently deemed as unacceptable.

Thankfully, things are changing and as I became older, I realised there was more to life then other peoples opinions.

Before quitting my job, I was worried with ‘what people will say when I broke the news. Especially as I was in a respectable position, I worked at a great company, I was networking with well-established people and I was on a good salary. So in theory I had no reason to quit. However, if you were in my position, you would have experienced early mornings, late-nights, over-worked and underpaid compared to the industry standards, favoritism and the lack of food, sleep and 'me time' was taking a toll on my well-being.

Freedom At Last!

The day I quit my Job I felt free.

I was dressed in my best clothes, at work extra early and was excited for the future. The meeting with my director went well, my colleagues were sad I was leaving but knew how much I needed the break and supported me all the way.

My family and friends on the other hand were angry, sad and confused as to why I made such a rash decision without talking to them first. After I explained how it was years, months and days of wanting to quit, they realised why I did it.

Being off work did wonders for my mind and body. I got to exercise, go jogging in the park and most importantly, spend quality time on myself and with my close family and friends.

So, follow your heart and don't let anyone or anything dictate your life or how you want to live it. Life is too short to live on someone elses terms. In the beginning you will feel anxious, confused, nervous and scared, but have faith in yourself and take the leap! You'll soon realise that life is more beautiful.

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