Get Your S.H.I.T Together

How often do you spend time on yourself? just you on your own without any type of distractions. How many hours is it throughout the week? or do you not spend any time on yourself at all? Unfortunately its the latter for most people.

Spending time reading a book, shopping, watching TV or doing a hobby isn’t the same as spending time on themselves. By this I mean connecting with their own thoughts, connecting with their higher-self and tuning in with their body through Meditation / Soul Searching,

What Is Meditation / Soul Searching?

Mediation / Soul Searching is an act that dates back thousands of years originally from India. It allows the individual to become more aware of mindfulness - the here and now. It means the person will only listen to their breathing, nothing else. It’s a time for them to relax, unwind and forget any worries they may have.

The first time I was recommended to meditate was when my colleague said she does it most evenings to release her stress. I was skeptic and laughed at the thought of me sitting at home alone, in silence listening to myself breathing! I also said how it would have been a waste of my time and it certainly wouldn’t have released my stress. But I was so wrong.

Trying to meditation wasn’t easy at first. It took so much practice for me to actually ‘switch off’’ from my surroundings and my inner thoughts, especially as my mind is always racing even when I try to sleep at night. So, trying to mediate was hard work! I remember I tried to meditate with all types of music, watched meditation videos on YouTube, read up techniques via Google and even asked people on social media how to do it. Despite all of my efforts, it just didn’t work so I gave up! Until one night…

Inhale and Exhale

I was lying down one evening on my sofa watching TV when the program ended so I turned off the TV on standby. Instead of usually getting up, going to the bathroom and getting ready for bed, I just laid there now in complete darkness. The room felt so calm and relaxing. There was no noise, no light and for once I felt so peaceful. As soon as I closed my eyes, I felt my body sinking into the sofa and I could hear myself breathing.

I was drifting away and I could feel my all of my thoughts being put into perspective and my stress/anxiety slowly leaving my body. I felt at ease and unknowingly fell asleep on the sofa.

Focus on your Mental Health

Ever since that moment, I have continued to include meditation in my daily routine as I’ve realised it made me more calmer, nicer and less stressed than before. Others have also mentioned I look well rested and I am more active too!

When I’m feeling stressed or anxious about certain circumstances, I remember the phrase ‘Get Your S.H.I.T Together’., which I came across online. It’s the perfect reminder for everyone to take a pause in their day and focus purely on themselves and their mental health/wellbeing.

Get Your S.H.I.T Together!

Self Care:

  • Hobbies (sewing, gardening, cooking, writing, exercise)

  • Connect (with loved ones, like-minded people, nature / animals)

  • Pamper days (getting your nails done, hair, having a relaxing bath, sleeping


  • Love (yourself, acknowledging your skills, your talents)

  • Confidence (owning your identity, uniqueness and personality, showcasing your talents - embrace it)

  • Life (daily gratitude and appreciation for what you have been blessed with and sharing it with others)


  • Prayer (communication with God / Universe to build a strong relationship and to better yourself)

  • Meditation (connect with your higher self, to be present in the here and now)

  • Soul Searching (allow meditation to help you find yourself and what you desire in life)


  • Alone (dedicated time away from anything and everyone. A chance for you to gain inner-peace)

  • Loved Ones (spending quality time with those who love and appreciate you for you, making memories)

  • Nature (enjoying walks, the air, greenery, flowers, water, animals)

We’re In It Together.

Unfortunately, this global pandemic was a major cause of concern for many people when it came to dealing with the situation a lot of the factors (change of scenery, routine, distance from loved ones, lockdown) impacted their mental health and wellbeing.

Fortunately, people are more vocal about discussing mental health than they were many years ago, so if you’re ever feeling low or notice your mental health is suffering in some way, get in touch with a loved one or ideally talk to a professional, as a professional is always better at advising, doesn’t create judgment nor carry any form of ‘emotional baggage’ like a friend, family or partner.

Remember, your mental health should always be your number one priority and you should always put yourself first before anyone else. ❤️

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